Hello! My name is James and I am a web developer!

Innovation Bathrooms Website

A website I've built for a local bathroom firm, constructed with create-react-app - featuring Google Maps API, Hooks, Router and custom styled components from the Material Ui library.

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React Weather App

Weather app made in React using the openweathermap API. I used custom styling and glassmorphism to acheive the clear translucent panels.This project gave me a basic understanding of React useState, Hooks and translating data from Api's. Using Heroku's shared hosting it takes a few seconds to load.

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UK Tip Calculator

UK tip calculator gives you the tipping rate depending on your experience made with HTML,CSS and JavaScript. This project gave me good understandning of css basics and a start in DOM manipulation.

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Pin Code

Pin code app compares input to saved pincode. Pincode : 7777. My first project I worked on by myself and taught me the basics of arrays and how to compare them.

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About Me

Even after the long journey from making my webpage say 'Hello, World' to where I am today, it still excites me that there are mountains of knowledge to acquire and skills to learn.

I am a creative person by nature and love to be challenged; programming ticks both of those boxes for me. I enjoy restoring vintage electronics and also moddifing vintage game consoles.

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I have experience working in Html, CSS, Javascript, React, Node and Git. I also have management experience from working as a Restaurant General Manager and a Retail Duty Manager; this has allowed me to learn to be comfortable working both independently and in teams of any size. I have co-ordinated teams of up to 30 people, making sure the stores run smoothly but also accounting for the work/life balance of staff. I am able to learn quickly and react to any problem that arises, always keeping the safety of both my customers and my colleagues as my top priority.

Get In Touch

If you would like to contact me please use my email address or phone number below to get it touch directly.

Email : james@jameslittle.co.uk

Phone : 07544872042